Audio Processors Selection Guide

Excellent Audio PerformanceYESYESYES
Ultra low latency, all-digital DSP based designYESYESYES
Intelligent Silence DetectorYESYESYES
LAN port for full TCP/IP remote control and monitoringYESYESYES
Built-in web server for remote control access via TCP/IP connectionYESYESYES
Easy Installation and SetupYESYESYES
Protected access to the device settingsYESYESYES
Easy to use WEB interfaceYESYESYES
Apple and Android devices supportYESYESYES
Software Control (over local network or the Internet using any Windows® PC)YESYESYES
Bright, wide view angle OLED and full-time LED metersYESYESYES
Easy setup and control via the front panelYESYESYES
Remotely upgradable firmware to ensure improved operationYESYESYES
Restore Factory Parameters optionYESYESYES
Headphone output with front panel level controlYESYESYES
Embedded SNMP agent permitting full device managementYESYESYES
Notifications on input/preset change via E-mail and SNMPYESYESYES
L/R Analog inputs and outputs and two independent Composite MPX outputs.YESYESYES
Professional AES/EBU Digital audio inputsYESYESYES
Wide operating voltage range: 100-240V ACYESYESYES
19” Professional Case for high RF immunityYESYESYES
Embedded FTP serverYESNOYES
Built-in MP3 PlayerYESNOYES
SD Card for Audio Backup StorageYESNOYES
Advanced Wide Band AGCYESYESNO
FM Controlled distortion limiterYESYESNO
4-Band Dynamic Processor with Fidelity and Sound Impact SystemYESYESNO
Built in DSP-based RDS/RBDS encoderYESYESNO
Fallback function in case of Audio LossYESYESNO
EMI-suppressed XLR connectorsYESYESNO
Stereo encoder integrated with audio processingYESYESNO
Bypass and Test tone ModeYESYESNO
SNTP for automatic synchronization of the built-in clockYESYESNO
Level Adjustable, Balanced Analog and Digital Audio OutputsYESYESNO
USB communication interface for local connectivityYESYESNO
Extensive set of factory presets and several customizable user presetsYESNONO
Externally synchronized output sample rateYESNONO
Variety of Audio SourcesYESNONO
Multi-format IP Audio PlayerYESNONO
Tight peak control at all outputsYESNONO
4-Band Parametric EQYESNONO
Advanced Bass & Treble ControlsYESNONO
4-Band LimiterYESNONO
HD Lookahead LimiterYESNONO
Advanced, fully distortion-controlled pre-emphasized final limiter/clipperNONONO
Advanced Multiband LimiterNONONO
Adjustable wide-band AGC with "intelligent" gatingNONONO
4 bands of adjustable dynamic range compression and "graphic-EQ"NONONO
Digital Volume control of all Audio InputsNONOYES
Adjustable Pilot, L-R, RDS phasesNONOYES
Selectable pre-emphasis 0, 50 ms, 75 msNONOYES
Digitally adjustable PILOT and RDS injection levelsNONOYES
Fully Digital Synthesis of the RDS signalNONOYES
Integrated digital stereo generator with advanced peak controlNOYESNO