Stereo Encoders Selection Guide

Fully Digital 32 bits DSP Stereo EncoderYESYES
Excellent Audio PerformancesYESYES
Digital Volume Control of all Audio InputsYESYES
Adjustable Pilot, L-R, RDS phasesYESYES
Selectable pre-emphasis 0, 50µs, 75µsYESYES
Digitally adjustable Pilot & RDS injection levelsYESYES
Fully Digital Synthesis of the RDS SignalYESYES
Intelligent Silence Detector and Backup Audio PlayerYESYES
Configuration and Monitoring via SNMP Ver.2C & WEBYESYES
Alert Notifications via E-mail, SNMP in case of Audio LossYESYES
Lots of Storage for over 24 hours of non-repeating audio playbackYESYES
Always Fresh Backup Audio Tracks with Embedded FTP serverYESYES
Professional Balanced Stereo Analog Input on XLR connectorsYESYES
Professional Digital AES/EBU Audio input on XLR connectorsYESYES
Headphones Jack for local monitoring of the Audio SignalYESYES
Built-in MP3 Player with built in SD CardYESYES
UPnP for easy discovery in Local NetworksYESYES
Remote Firmware Upgrade for future-proof operationYESYES
Protected access to the device settingsYESYES
Easy installation and operationYESYES
LAN port for full TCP/IP ControllYESYES
Universal WEB Interface, including Apple and Android devices supportYESYES
Professional 19 inches, 1U Professional rack mount chassisYESYES
Wide angle, easy to read front panel displayYESNO
Very Intuitive Navigational menuYESNO
Bright, accurate bar graph LED audio level meters on front panelYESNO
Front panel quick access buttonsYESNO